Holly Willoughby recreates Princess Diana’s iconic look in ‘black sheep’ jumper

Holly Willoughby has recreated one of Princess Diana’s most iconic looks by wearing sheep jumper identical to the one made famous by the late royal.

The Princess of Wales famously turned heads back in 1981 when she attended a polo match with her husband Prince Charles in a red sweater.

The chunky kit was adorned with images of white sheep with the exception of one black one close to the middle.

Diana kept hold of the garment and wore it again at another polo match in 1983.

The fashion designers behind the jumper, Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, recently revived the pattern and Holly, 39, is now the proud owner of a copy.

She shared a picture of herself wearing the Diana jumper on her Instagram page and the image sent her followers into a spin.

One commented: “The Diana sweater!!!” and another added: “Chanelling Princess Diana!! Love this.”

The designers told People : “Diana was the first member of the royal family that we can remember who had any interest in fashion at all.

“She had a much more adventurous and youthful style than what we were used to in our royalty, and she took an obvious delight in clothes and wore them with terrific style.

“It’s a delight for us to see a new generation enjoying something we made many years ago and adapting it to a new fashion era.”

The black sheep jumper was discontinued back in 1994 before being revived this year.

Diana was just 21 years old when she first wore the jumper and many saw it as a very public comment on her marriage and her role as an outsider within the royal family.